Our Christmas / Birthday gift Club is designed to help you save for Christmas / Birthdays or any other special occasion without having to stress or worry about this at the last minute.If you have a loved one, special person or maybe even yourself that you buy memorabilia and collectables for each Christmas or Birthday, this savings club is ideal for you.

Main Key Points:

  • Save for Christmas and Birthday gifts or any other special occasions
  • Bonus $10 for every $200 Saved
  • No stress, no fees, no debt.
  • Updated balances for each deposit

How Does this work?:

  • Simply contact us via email or phone to create your Christmas / Birthday Savings Club account with us. Email: Info@ultimatesportsmemorabilia.com.au – Phone: 1800 017 604
  • Once your account is created, you will be given an account reference number. You can then select a certain amount to be deducted from your account – weekly, fortnightly, monthly or you can take complete control of this, we will give you our bank details, you can deposit funds when you like and how much you like, leaving your account reference number with each deposit.
  • Once any deposit has been made into your Christmas / Birthday Savings Club account, we will email you with an updated account balance

How can I redeem or spend my savings?

  • Contact us via Email: Info@ultimatesportsmemorabilia.com.au or Phone: 1800 017 604 and we will give you your current Christmas / Birthday Savings Club account balance.
  • Once you know your balance available to spend, its time to start shopping. You can purchase any item(s) from our website.
  • You can have your balance supplied to you in a Gift Certificate or split up into multiple Gift Certificates.
  • Your balance or partial balance can be redeemed at any time. Order confirmations / Tax Invoices and updated balances are supplied with each redemption.

BONUS Savings:

  • We will give you a $10 bonus for every $200 saved. EG, Save $1000.00, your bonus will be $50, therefore your spend balance will be $1050.00

Terms & Conditions:

  • If you have funds left available after you have redeemed a partial amount of your balance and would like the left over balance refunded back to you, this is allowed and there will be no fee charged. However, a cancellation and request for full cash refunds of balances which have not been redeemed at all, will incur a $66 administration fee.
  • Bonus savings is not available or included in any refund balances.
  • $30 Flat Rate Shipping Australia Wide still applies to the Christmas / Birthday Savings Club
  • Balances available in your Christmas / Birthday Savings Club, can be used as CASH and used to pay in full for any item or as a deposit for a payment plan on any item on our website
  • Any item purchased that exceeds the balance in your Christmas / Birthday Savings Club account, we will simply invoice you for the balance owed after your paid amount from your Christmas / Birthday Savings Club. EG: $500 in Christmas / Birthday Savings Club, Item purchased is $700, we will invoice you for the $200 difference.
  • Progressive payments from your account can be changed / paused or stopped at any time. Please contact us with 7 days notice of any changes required.
  • Please email: Info@ultimatesportsmemorabilia.com.au with each remittance of deposit to your Christmas / Birthday Savings Club account.
  • Please Email: Info@ultimatesportsmemorabilia.com.au or Phone: 1800 017 604 with any questions or changes required to your Christmas / Birthday Savings Club account.