We like to thank all of our loyal and dedicated clients for their valued business. We focus heavily on strong customer relations and ensure all of our clients are well looked after and offered the best world class customer service & communication during their transaction with us. However most importantly that you are rewarded and have an incentive to purchase from us each and every time you are looking for sporting memorabilia and framing.

As we are an online operated business and we do not have the opportunity to meet all of our clients “face to Face”. Instant rewards system has been designed as a token of our appreciation and a way of us to say Thank you for your valued business!.

This is just one of many reasons why you should select Ultimate Official Sports Memorabilia as your preferred supplier for all your memorabilia and framing requirements.


For every purchase from the website of $101 or more you will get a Ultimate Rewards Voucher to the value breakdown below:

  • $101 – $300 = $15.00 Voucher
  • $301 – $400 = $25.00 Voucher
  • $401 – $600 = $30.00 Voucher
  • $601 – $800 = $40.00 Voucher
  • $801 – $1000 = $50.00 Voucher
  • $1001 – $1200 = $60.00 Voucher
  • $1201 – $1500 = $80.00 Voucher
  • $1501 – $2000 = $100.00 Voucher
  • $2001 – $2500 = $120.00 Voucher
  • $2501 – $3000 = $150.00 Voucher
  • $3001 + reverts back to table above i.e.: $3500 will incur $180 Voucher $3000 + $500 spend amounts



I want to Redeem my voucher straight away with my current order and not wait for next time, can I do this?: 


YES you sure can, to redeem your voucher with your current order please enter the below special COUPON code on check out in the shopping cart as per your spend amount. This will then deduct your “Ultimate Rewards” from your order showing the new amount for your order.

  • $101 – $300 Coupon Code = USM15
  • $301 – $400 Coupon Code = USM25
  • $401 – $600 Coupon Code = USM30
  • $601 – $800 Coupon Code = USM40
  • $801 – $1000 Coupon Code = USM50
  • $1001 – $1200 Coupon Code = USM60
  • $1201 – $1500 Coupon Code = USM80
  • $1501 – $2000 Coupon Code = USM100
  • $2001 – $2500 Coupon Code = USM120
  • $2501 – $3000 Coupon Code = USM150
  • $3001 + please contact us direct for your special code


I want to save & build up my vouchers and redeem multiple vouchers on an order when I choose, can I do this?:

YES, you can. This is your loyalty reward from us, However, you choose to spend this and what you would like to redeem them on is your choice.


Will I get a new voucher for my new purchase?

If you are saving your rewards and not redeeming them with each order the answer is YES, for every purchase you make with us we will reward you with a new voucher according to the table above. We will allocate your rewards to your account and let them build up until your ready to use them within the validity date.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Gift Vouchers can be redeemed on any item(s) on our website
  • Gift Vouchers can not be redeemed for cash
  • Gift Vouchers have a 12 month expiration date, from the date of issue.


Payment Plans

We can offer a customised payment plan on any memorabilia item(s) you are interested in or choose to purchase with us to the value of $400.00 or more.please see the below details.

  • 30% deposit of the purchase price to be paid as a deposit to secure your order.
  • The remaining balance must be paid by weekly instalments with a maximum of a 5 week period from the date of initial deposit (payment plans over $3000 can extend up to 10 weeks)
  • Weekly Payments are not structured and can be any amount you like & suits your budget as long as something is paid weekly.
  • Once payments have been made against your account we will email you an updated copy of your invoice detailing all payments made and the balance owing
  • Payments can be made by any of the methods detailed at the top of this page. If paying by PayPal you will be required to email us each week with your payment amount so we can send you a PayPal invoice.
  • All items are sent once the order has been paid in full or in cases of new editions once the order has been paid and the edition is ready for delivery
  • Cancellations or change of mind regarding orders after 3 weeks into any payment plans will be charged a $65 administration fee. All other monies paid will be refunded.
  • Gift Vouchers can not be used are part of the cash payment deposit. Gift Vouchers will be redeemed against your total order amount then the 30% deposit of the amount after your gift voucher has been redeemed will be the amount payable to secure your order.


How to place your order using a Payment Plan:

  1. Simply email us with your selection of memorabilia that you would like to secure
  2. In your email please include your full name, delivery address & phone number so we can get this into the system and email you an order confirmation
  3. You can also call us on toll Free 1800 017 604 to place your order over the phone.
  4. Email address to send your order to: info@ultimatesportsmemorabilia.com.au


Should you have any questions what so ever please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, We are here to help and ensure your experience with us is easy and enjoyable!


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